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When I’m not running my freelance graphic & web design business, ID Design, I’m a keen photographer and this site is a photographic sketch book of ideas, inspiration and visual reference. Some of the photographs have made it into design projects, others photos have been done purely for the fun and the ‘what if?’ of doing them.

Most of the photography shown here are more experiments than anything else and is the product of searching for new techniques and new ways of capturing the everyday and presenting it in a new light. Some of the photography has been inspired by other photos/photographers work I've seen or learnt from, nature, film or ideas that have presented themselves in the course of my work as a designer.

In the spirit of how I've learned and continue to learn about photography, by the inspiration mentioned above, there are also plans to included a range of tutorials with some of the photography projects at some point, giving details of how each project was undertaken and the techniques and equipment used to create the photos. Most of the images that have been created have been done so using basic methods and without specialist equipment.

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, links and ideas for any of the projects.

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